LBK Mission Statement

The world of photography is exciting…

Selecting the right equipment though is always confusing…

LBK is backed by professional photographers who are at their best and understand their equipment and what is needed to create their vision.

Big brand name equipment is nice to have, but often only reserve for the professional who can afford them. However, there are many equipments out in the market who challenge the big brand who offer great features without the big price tag.

With the knowledge and testing done by professional, LBK is a platform where best alternative equipment will be sourced and make it available for photo enthusiast.

If it is fun, exciting and professional community – it is LBK community

Together we make photography fun.

Lobang King Queen Jack was initially started by James Ng as an Internet social networking and discussion platform as a Facebook group, as an avenue for members to either call for pricing enquiries, organisation of mass order purchases, or raise queries to each other on the for personal reviews and comments on photographic accessories such as camera lenses, lights stands and other photography equipment.

The group was positioned as the go-to site for gear advisory, recommendations and troubleshooting on technical issues related to photography. However, with the growth of the group throughout these years, its members have become increasingly active in various other sorts of discussions like photographic theories and informal equipment reviews. Furthermore, another milestone in the group was reached when organising of events such as group outings, model shoots sharing sessions, etc became the norm in the activities of the group.

With the inception of the Lobangkings.Queen.Jacks. Facebook group, it has since developed further through the establishment of a web presence to reach out to other members of the public, with the objective of building a cohesive photography and videography community. This aim would go in hand with her inception motto.



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