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  • King Pro Wireless TTL Flash Trigger

    Pixel King Pro Wireless TTL Flash Trigger

    Pixel 3rd Generation Wireless TTL Flash Trigger King Pro Using digital FSK 2.4GHz wireless remote control.  Compared to the previous two generations, the effective remote control distance improved significantly to 300M or above. Also, we have made a very big change in the functional operation. 

    $ 250.00

  • TW-282 Wireless Timer Remote Control

    Pixel TW-282 Wireless Timer Remote Control

    TW-282 Wireless Timer Remote Control Single Shooting 1-second continuous shooting bulb shooting delay shooting timer shooting

    $ 115.00

  • Pixel Flashgun Power Pack

    Pixel Flashgun Power Pack

    Product Function1.this  is a power pack for flashgun(See model compatible) .2.Using two groups of symmetrical charge system, it‘s more stabile charging voltage and faster  recycles time.3.Flexible and convenience to use choose charging with one or two group freely.4.Stand-by power consumption is more save and recycle power compare...

    $ 78.00 -10%

  • Pixel Opas Transceiver

    Pixel Opas Transceiver

    High Speed Sync Transceiver.Trigger the speedlite.Trigger studio light, outdoor light.Control shutter release,Control slave camera,Control via different group.

    $ 60.00

  • Oppilas Wireless Shutter Remote Control

    Pixel Oppilas RW-221 Wireless Shutter...

    Timer Remote Control Different output cable can be connect with different brand camera. The product surface is using high-end stain finish, it‘s more artistic. Using FSK 2.4 GHz wireless controls system which more reliability and stability. Transmitter only uses lower than 2mA under working status. Receiver only uses lower than 2mA under working...

    $ 33.80

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  • Pixel Pawn Wireless Flash Trigger & Shutter Release

    Pixel Pawn Wireless Flash Trigger &...

    2.4ghz trigger for cameras shutter and flash

    $ 24.00