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A insight to the new Fujifilm X30 - Prosumer compact camera (Simple review)

halfgeek Pioneer 5678 points
06/10/2014 | 14:39:24 edited October 2014

Fujifilm X30 being a successor to the popular and successful Fujifilm X20, let us take a look what is new in Fujifilm X30 and the performance of the new Fujifilm X30.


Main Specifications of Fujifilm X30

12 megapixel

2/3-Inch X-Trans CMOS II with primary color filter

Single slot (SD card - supports SDXC UHS-1 SD card)


Fujinon 4x Optical Zoom lens (28-112mm on 35mm Format) F2.0 -F2.8 Wide

Widest F2.0 - Smallest F11

Shutter speed 1/4sec to 1/4000 seccs

Single AF/Continuous AF/MF

Built in flash

3.0inch 920K-dot LCD screen, aspect ratio 3:2 (tilt screen)

2.360K-dot OLED Viewfinder

Movie recording - (Best quality at 1920 x 1080pixels with stereo sound)

Built-in Wifi

Approx 470 Frames for a full charge battery




Fujifilm X30 comes in black and silver. Sporting a retro rangefinger design, It feels solid and handy. For starters, it is a camera that requires some time to get used to in regards to the controls and functions. 



Tilt Screen of the Fujifilm X30, easier for shooting at awkward angles.






General Picture quality - Some sample pictures from the Fujifilm X30 (Unedited fresh out of camera)


F2.8 / 1/400 / 28.4 / ISO 100 - The camouflaging cat

Looks pretty decent. Typical Fuji colours, warm, natural and vibrant. Contrasty as well! 




Bokeh and/or Out of focus blur of the Fujifilm X30 (Unedited fresh out of camera)

flower bokeh

F2.8 / 1/680 / 21.7mm / ISO 100 - Flowers

Pretty decent, exceeded my expectations. Didnt expect a 2/3inch sensor camera to give me this amount of out of focus blur. As long as you apply the correct depth of field technique, you should be able to get decent amount of out of focus blur for subject isolation!



Sharpness (Unedited fresh out of camera)


F2.8 / 1/450 / 24.8mm / ISO 100 - Tired cat

Pretty good sharpness...... But lets zoom in a little closer to take a look.....................


100% crop from unedited picture

Thats really quite sharp! To be honest I didnt expect this level of sharpness coming from a built in lens camera. The lens is rather good. Coming from a 12 mega pixel 2/3inch size camera, I didnt expect this amount of sharpness and details from a 100% crop. That must be some Fuji magic!



Night shoot (Unedited fresh out of camera)


F8 / 15secs / 7.1mm / ISO 100 - Night lights

Long shutter at night seems to be pretty accpetable. Nothing to rave about. At wide open 7.1mm (22mm on 35mm format) I noticed there is some distortion. As you can see the buildings and city lights reflections isnt flushed straight. The distortion is pretty heavy on the widest end of the lens.  Shouldnt be a major issue if users post process your pictures as it could be corrected during post processing. 

The black line is actually a cemented floor which i used to frame the cityscape and not a camera fault!



Night shoot using built in flash (Unedited fresh out of camera)


F2 / 1/25 / 7.1mm / ISO 800 - Kaki shooting

The built in flash is rather useful. There will be times when you will get overexposed subject once in a while more so especially if you are using it for the first few times. But as long as you are used to the flash and knows the flash well you should be able to get a correctly exposed subject with the built-in-flash. The picture is rather "clean" for a 2/3inch Sensor camera at ISO 800.



Final Conclusion


  1. Tilting screen
  2. Good & Solid build quality
  3. Good Image Quality (as compared to similar 2/3inch sensor camera)
  4. Built in WIFI (Direct transfer to hp via Fuji App)
  5. Good ISO capability for it's class (Usable Image up till 1600 ISO)
  6. Good battery Life (420 shots at full charge)


  1. Non Touch Screen
  2. No Raw file recording with filter
  3. Controls might be hard to use for beginners (takes some time to get used to, need to read user guide!)
  4. Same Sensor as it's predecessor Fujifilm X20

The Fujifilm X30 is a serious contender and one of the better performing prosumer compact camera in the current market.


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