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poseur Pioneer 4465 points
11/10/2014 | 06:12:04 edited January 2015

D750 review

  • poseur Pioneer 4465 points
    11/10/2014 | 06:12:35

    Improve AF features (Group AF, Pro body AF system, -3ev AF, 6.5 frames per second)

    Personally I am a sucker for faster AF, as I adore AF system on the D4s and the 1Dx. I almost dump my D800E for the D810 just because of the improved AF, I didn’t upgrade because at end of the day I realised I hate the weight of d8xx series. Lucky D750 came along and having the same Pro-body AF that really caught my attention. Best of all, it is light weight.

    I am going to stress test the AF. Switching to AF-C mode and single point AF, Basically I will half press the shutter button to activate the AF and without releasing my finger , I will AF on a near and far object in day light and low light conditions.

    Day light condition: Focus on the near -far subject is really fast. By the time my AF target reaches the far object, the far subject focus instantly. Repeating the near-far, far-near test again yields instant AF locks on. Great!!!

    Low light condition: The AF does show a very very slight sign of hesitant before AF lock on. This result is very respectable because of the -3 to +19 AF sensitivity. This means D750 can even focus on subject in moonlight.

    The availability of the Group AF points is a welcoming feature. The camera use the combination of a few AF points to reduce the risk of getting the background in focus instead of the subject. This will allow consistent focusing on moving objects, The Group AF pair with the frame rates going up to 6.5 frames per second will definitely allow better sports or wedding photography. All of this AF goodies in a mid-range body.

    Tillable LCD screen and Video Capabilities

    Who don’t love tillable screen?  Don’t know you how useful it is to the landscaper or that over jealous portraiture shooter that’s like to go top down or bottom up? Nikon finally making it right by introducing tilting LCD on their FF camera.  The logic of having tilting screen makes a lot of sense because the D750 is also a very capable video cam. The only sad part on the LCD is that it only tilts but don’t flip. 

    D750 has all the flashy video capabilities found in D810 minus the weight. Have you ever try holding the d810 on a video stabilizer, is your arm broken yet? D750 being light weight sure does makes video making easier.

  • poseur Pioneer 4465 points
    11/10/2014 | 06:13:10 edited January 2015

    Wi-Fi Tethering   

    To make Wi-Fi tethering work on your smart phone, you need to download the Nikon Wireless Mobile Utility.  After that you have to turn on the Wi-Fi feature on the camera and join to your smart phone either by WPS or by manual passcode. 



    You have 2 main functions using the Nikon Wireless Mobile Utility. Take a Photo and View Photo. You have a choice of downloading a reduce size photo on your smartphone which could speed up the transfer time.

    To take a photo, the application will launch a real time feed of the image from the camera , you can also select the AF points by tabbing on the phone screen.  The only weakness of this phone application is that you cannot change any camera settings directly from your phone applications. You have to toggle off the from phone shutter mode to camera shutter mode on the phone application, then physically settings on your camera. Toggle on to phone control again on the phone application to take the picture. 


    Overall, I have very high respect for the D750. It offers a lot more features over the D610 yet remains quite affordable and has some Nikon pro-body AF capability and video. The price and feature is well balance and will appeal to people who like to do more actions shots but remain on a tight budget. The ergonomics and button layout may not be as good as the pro-bodies, but with time you should get used to it. 

    I personally find that the raw and jpeg result from the D750 is generally on par with the D610 output. So image quality wise is quite usable already. You cant and its really unfair to compare results from camera without AA filters. If you really want to pixel peek, then I will say that the D810, D7100, Sony A7r or even the Pentax K3 can give sharper picture due to lack of AA filters.

    Do support our in house eshop to keep us moving. 

  • halfgeek Pioneer 5678 points
    18/10/2014 | 04:39:10

    Swee! Good review!


  • chanliu1983 Member 40 points
    24/03/2015 | 14:56:13

    D750 looks like a promising choice. And it feels pretty light too.


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