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XT1 Graphite White - A simple user review

ket gui Elite Member 5440 points
08/12/2014 | 12:12:01

The x-t1 graphite white, is a premium edition of the popular xt1 that was announced back in september. i manage to get hold one for a few days and i written a small review for it.


The biggest difference you will notice, right away, is of cause the silver appearance. Its actually a special coating which you can find the painting process on fuji website:

  • 1:First comes the milled magnesium top cover from the mold

  • 2:A chemical conversion coating is applied to prevent oxidation via contact with air

  • 3:Using a black base coat (primer), the shadow areas are darkened, allowing the highlights to stand out

  • 4:Using multiple thin-layer technology, the graph ite silver texture is added. Tiny amounts of graphite are applied via computer control while rotating the body at high speeds

  • 5:A minor amount of black is added to the clear finish coating material, creating the unique glossy feel

  • 6:Areas such as the logo are colored by hand


I have no idea what it all means, but i’ll assumes its some advance coating over to the original xt1.According to some this will make it more durable to scratch, but sadly i don’t think i’ll have the opportunity to test.


Since they are basically the same camera but with a different paint job, i will focus on features that i find interesting:

  • ket gui Elite Member 5440 points
    08/12/2014 | 12:12:33 edited December 2014

    1/32000 Electronic shuttle


    As a non technical casual shoot when i heard about this i would expect electronic shuttle to work the same as mechanical shutter. Apparently thats not the case, and for those who are interested in the technical side, you can refer to this link:


    Fuji have mention this in their manual:

    “Distortion may be visible in shots of moving subjects, while banding and

    fog may occur in shots taken under fluorescent lights or other flickering or

    erratic illumination. When taking pictures with the shutter muted, respect

    your subjects’ image rights and right to privacy”


    In simpler terms, this funciton is not meant for shooting fast moving object as there will be weird distortion:


    A shot of a moving bus:


    1/1000, f4 , ooc


    Also note that the manual also state that the flash will turn off during electronic shutter. I have tried using fuji flash and 3rd party trigger but they does not work.. so no flash for this

    I suppose the electronic shuttle meant to pair with fast lens (56mm?) to shoot wide open on a sunny day. It also has a completely silence shutter when you press the trigger.

  • ket gui Elite Member 5440 points
    08/12/2014 | 12:12:46 edited December 2014

    The new simulation - Classic Chrome

    The 6th simulation to fuji current line up, now giving more headache to photographer who can't decide which simulation to use. This simulation has a very nice skin tone as well and i do have a tough time deciding between this or neg(hi). Applause to fuji for the nice addition!

    1/40, f4 , ooc


    Viewfinder / screen

    The viewfinder is large and very smooth. On paper its 2.3m OLED display, but numbers aside the colors and contrast are bright and smooth. It almost feel like its ready for movie playback. Having a fast and smooth display does make the camera feel fast and quick, even if its psychological. The feature of rotatable text when you turn the camera is a big plus as well

    Photo from fuji website


  • ket gui Elite Member 5440 points
    08/12/2014 | 12:13:10

    The focus speed and accuracy


    1/30s, 1.4,  iso 2500

    The green square are also improved now; it haunt less and miss less. During a test shot in an average lit room i tried targeting it on the eyes of the squirrel. Without af assist light It focus in ~1 sec and on closer inspection the focus seems to be spot on. I dont think its the “world fastest af” as fuji claim, but it is very fast and accurate for a mirrorless.

  • ket gui Elite Member 5440 points
    08/12/2014 | 12:13:49 edited January 2015

    Bonus: For close up

    One thing that i like to include in the review was usage for close up shooting. Any macro photographer will mention that manual is the way to go, but for x-t1’s  AF-L feature you will be able to save some time as it manage to bring the focus very close to the subject, and with focus assist it will be up to the photographer’s skill to snap the shot. I understand that this is a very common focusing method for fuji user, but where xt1 shine is its accurancy in such a situation. It does hasten my snapping speed by quite a bit.

    1/200, f11, ooc



    X-T1 is an expensive camera, but its construction and attention to details make it a unique piece of gear. The camera feels very solid and durable, and there are times i feel like doing a drop test.


    The good:

    Very pretty camera

    Highly customizable shortcut buttons

    Very smooth and beautiful display, including the evf

    Tiltable screen

    Useful wifi function

    Did i mention its a pretty camera?

    The bad:

    The exposure dial is abit hard to turn.

    No longer support screw in soft release

    The REC button location

    Cant print directly to sp1(yet?)

    Do support our in house eshop to keep us moving. 

  • James_Ng Elite Member 117605 points
    09/12/2014 | 01:35:17

    great review. thanks ket gui

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