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Feedback on LBK's quality of service

ColaTea Member 13660 points
28/12/2014 | 15:53:27

Hi everyone, in this thread I would like to give my feedback on LBK's quality of service.

A little background about how I came across LBK and why I continued shopping here. A friend of mine introduced LBK's Facebook page to me and invited me into the secret group. As I seldom shop online, I observed how the group worked, how buyers ordered their stuff and get it within afew days when there were ready stocks. I began to trust this group more and more and therefore started purchasing stuff off the group. I started with rechargeable batteries, LED panel, battery charger, Peak design and etc. I had never purchased any camera gear until recently (which I will talk about), because with every purchase, the trust increases along with James's consistent high quality of service. You can put it like I was "Testing Water" with every one of my purchase in the past.

I just received my camera gear yesterday night, and this is how the story goes. On wednesday night, I spoke to James via the Facebook chat, asking how soon can I get my stuff as I will be having a shoot in 5 days time, and I need the gear. His reply was "3 days after transaction". Transfered the money on the following day and got my gear on Saturday night. And the best part was, he specially drove into JB just to pick up my stuff and delivered it to my by night time. 

Now tell me, how often do you encounter such trustable and high quality of services??
To be honest, this is my first time.

P.S.: Starting this thread because i find that Singaporeans seldom praise people... and that LBK's high quality of service deserves to get a positive feedback.

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We need your feedback if you saw any amiss.