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Fuji 50-140, A personal impression

ket gui Elite Member 5440 points
29/01/2015 | 01:12:52 edited January 2015



With the courtesy of  the guys from, i managed to get my hands on the largest lens (and priciest)  lens fuji got to offer for the x-series. With the unofficial name of ‘prime zoom’ and the best thing i love about fuji are its primes, i have to check if it is worthy. I’m not a professional photographer, just a casual shooter.


P.S. All the image in the review are ooc, or just cropped on pc.


Stuff in box:

It even come with a pouch! However all these stuff is making it seems messy

all etcs well hidden in the box.


The lens is full metal and feel very solid in the hands, but its heavy, close to 1.1kg with the tripod holder. Lucky for us the tripod holder is removable and that would reduce the lens to less than 1kg. With the amazing OIS that comes with the lens handheld shots usually acceptable and often, great.


  • ket gui Elite Member 5440 points
    29/01/2015 | 01:13:23 edited January 2015


    With my beloved 56mm just happen to be lying around, i did what any photographer would do..

    Around 2.3x bigger than my beloved 56mm, which make it about 4x longer than my camera. But how does image from the 2 lens compare? I shall do a small test with a goat…


    left 56mm right 50-140mm


    I only tested f2.8 and f4 since these are the common aperture. Amazingly, the quality for the 2 lens is very similar, and in some occasion i think 50-140 seems sharper. Sharp in the center sharp on the corners. really no complain here


    I also tried snapping trees against a sunny backdrop to test for chromatic aberration, but to my surprise theres no totally no visible chromatic aberration! im not sure whether its just my copy, but fuji must have did a good job to its coating.


  • ket gui Elite Member 5440 points
    29/01/2015 | 01:13:28 edited January 2015


    Bringing out the lens out has given me mixed feeling; on one hand its big and heavy, losing the discreet nature of fuji (at least for me) , on the other hand its a) OIS,  b) adv motor, c) sharpness and d) 50-140 f2.8.. Can i really sacrfice all of this for a lighter system?

    A doll tailor

     The optical stabilization for this lens is very good: with my shaky hand i have no problem shooting 1/30s indoor for good images. On paper its 5 stop improvement.

    My friend wedding 

    Its also very quiet during focus, which is a nice touch during event espically moments when everything is quiet


    A 55 year old guide

    For me it also work very well as a portrait lens, with sharp focus and object isolation. However with this big lens its very likely the subject will notice


    Cute sister using cute bag

    A useful focal length of 70-200 35mm equivalent with f2.8, it also serve as a great general purpose lens for those comfortable in this range. But for me personally, this lens make wonderful bokeh and i tend to use it at close to 200mm as possible.



    50-140 is an amazing lens. It has IQ as good as primes, little-if-not-none CA, amazing OIS that allow me to shoot at low shutter speed, silent motor and weather resistant (didn't test..).However for me, a casual shooter, this lens is just not for me. For me fuji gears are always to travel light and to attract little attention. For those who need the focal length and aperture however, this lens will make wonders.


    One thing i have to add is that the manual focus ring, is very tight and slow. Maybe its just my copy, but for user who require manual focusing they maybe want to take note of this first.

    Do support our in house eshop to keep us moving. 

  • James_Ng Elite Member 117605 points
    29/01/2015 | 03:20:42

    new set focusing is usually tight. this will be loosen after using. Then we will complain it to be loose. lol. Nice review. Thanks you Ket

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