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How to get Relics of the Ancient Eredar?

RyanCaleb Member 10 points
27/10/2017 | 14:38:34

Hello all:


How do I get "Relics of the Ancient Eredar" quest to open up on my guys?


This is the quest which is (raise 6 followers to 925)


If responding, could you please be very specific on what is required to get that quest started?

I'm going to make this smooth and clear...




Why mythic raiders get to have the coolest things in game? while heroic and normal radiers share the same gear looking as a LFR casual afk player?




So being a heroic raider and some random guy from LFR running around using the same set but different color is fine... but when it comes to mythic that's not fine and it has to be special?


Please Help! 




I did not find the right solution from the internet.






-explainer videos







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